Trump Family’s Latest Crime: Plagiarism

It’s the story of the day. In her speech at the Republican Convention last night, Melania Trump plagiarized a section of a speech that Michelle Obama delivered at the Democratic Convention in 2008.

The Trump campaign is responding by denying reality, blaming others for their own mendacity and ineptitude and by trying desperately to make the whole story go away.


Either Trump’s the Nominee or There’s a Contested Convention


Number of delegates Donald Trump has accrued in the GOP primaries — a 64-delegate lead over his nearest competition: Trump 81, Cruz 17, Rubio 17, Kasich 8, Carson 5. Trump could emerge with 100-plus delegate lead after Super Tuesday: Trump 289, Rubio 184, Cruz 154, Kasich 53, Carson 41 (assuming a Trump 35%, Rubio 28%, Cruz 23%, Kasich 8%, Carson 6% proportional split of delegates). First Read now sees only two possible outcomes for the Republican presidential race: 1) Donald Trump will be the nominee or 2) A contested convention.

Three Scenarios for the GOP Nominating Convention

Three convention scenarios can emerge after 56 states and territories choose their delegates between Feb. 1 and June 7: There will be a clear winner, a bunched up field of several candidates, or a leader who can’t get a majority of delegates on the first ballot. The latter two scenarios would make Cleveland uncharted territory.

— Ben Ginsberg, the former counsel to both Mitt Romney’s and George W. Bush’s presidential bids, detailing the possible scenarios for the Republican convention in the Wall Street Journal.

Paul Ryan’s Desperate Powerpoint Presentation to GM Execs in 2008 Failed to Save Janesville SUV Plant


In his speech to his party’s convention last night, Rep. Paul Ryan falsely accused Pres. Obama of allowing a GM plant that built SUVs in Janesville, Wisc., Ryan’s hometown, to close.

But Ryan omitted at least two key facts in his prosecution of the president. One: GM announced it was closing the plant in June 2008, fully six months before Pres. Obama took office. And two: it was Paul Ryan, not the president, who tried and failed to convince GM to keep the plant open: