Mississippi Goddam

“Thank God for Mississippi.”

– Unofficial slogan of Alabama

A new survey from Public Policy Polling finds that 46 percent of Mississippi Republicans not only oppose interracial marriage, they believe that individuals who marry someone of another race should go to jail.

On a positive note, it is at least progress that these Mississippi racists see prison time — not lynching — as an adequate penalty for race mixing.

Just 40 percent of GOP voters in the state say they think interracial marriage should remain legal, while 14 percent are not sure.

These results are especially interesting considering the fact that there are few places where Pres. Obama, the product of an interracial marriage, is more despised than Mississippi.


Gallup: Gay Marriage Support at 44%-53% – Still Twice As Popular Today than Interracial Marriage Was When It Was Legalized in 1967

Chart source

The trend toward a national consensus in favor of gay marriage remains in play, a new Gallup survey finds — and while a slight majority of Americans remain opposed to gay marriage today, it is still more than twice as popular now than interracial marriage was when the Supreme Court legalized it in 1967.

In the first Gallup poll on interracial marriage taken after the Supreme Court’s 1967 ruling on Loving v. Virginia that states could no longer prevent interracial couples from marrying, just 20 percent of Americans favored mixed-race marriages. Seventy-two percent were opposed.

The latest Gallup poll on gay marriage finds a nine point gap between opponents and supporters: