‘Emperor with No Clothes’: DeSantis Mocked for Irritation over Question about Ukraine

Alternet: “The Times of London’s David Charter, the newspaper’s U.S. editor, ‘writes that when he asked Mr. DeSantis how he would handle American relations with Ukraine, the governor referred ‘to Biden being ‘weak on the world stage’ and failing at deterrence.’

“Mr. Charter pressed for more detail: ‘How would a President DeSantis handle the conflict in Ukraine?’

“DeSantis, it appears, grew irritated.

“‘Perhaps you should cover some other ground?’ the governor replied. ‘I think I’ve said enough.’

“That is not going over well with many.

“Calling it a ‘really telling exchange,’ Ammar Moussa, the National Press Secretary and Rapid Response Director for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) said: ‘When he’s pressed for details on how he’d handle Ukraine, he completely shuts down and demands the reporter ask him something else.’

“At Mediaite, Aidan McLaughlin wrote: ‘DeSantis Snaps at Reporter When Pressed On What He Would Do Differently From Biden in Ukraine.’ In his article he calls it a ‘testy exchange,’ and notes: ‘Charter did report that DeSantis showed ‘a flash of temper’ at one point in the interview — when asked about Ukraine…’

“Geoff Burgan, Communications Director at the Democratic Attorneys General Association, called DeSantis ‘a (local) emperor with no clothes. He’s been running amok in Florida but isn’t ready for primetime.'”


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