All Shootings at Schools From 1970-Present

All Shootings at Schools From 1970-Present
All Shootings at Schools From 1970-Present

K-12 School Shooting Database: “All shootings at schools includes when a gun is brandished, is fired, or a bullet hits school property for any reason, regardless of the number of victims, time, or day of the week.

Unlike other data sources, this information includes gang shootings, domestic violence, shootings at sports games and afterhours school events, suicides, fights that escalate into shootings, and accidents.”

This information is recorded to document the full scope of gun violence on school campuses.”

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DeSantis Accused of Torture at Guantanamo When He Was a Navy Jag Officer

guantanamo Former Guantanamo inmate Mansoor Adayfi’s depiction of himself being nasally force fed.
Former Guantanamo inmate Mansoor Adayfi’s depiction of himself being nasally force fed. “We had no rights at #Guantanamo. We had no power. We had nothing but our bodies and our lives and we had to use them to bring about change. Going on #hungerstrike is like entering a dark tunnel & the light at the end is death,” he wrote on Twitter in September 2021.

Florida Bulldog: “an ex-Guantanamo detainee has come forward to allege that DeSantis actually had a much darker role at Gitmo. And his disturbing accusations about DeSantis have yet to be reported by any national or Florida-based news outlet despite the governor’s well-known presidential ambitions.

Florida teachers Face Felony Charges If Unsanctioned Books Are Found in Their Classrooms

The Guardian: School teachers in Florida’s Manatee county are removing books from their classrooms or physically covering them up after a new bill went into effect that prohibited material unless deemed appropriate by a librarian, or “certified media specialist”.

If a teacher is found in violation of these guidelines, they could face felony charges.

DeSantis Trustee Pick Is a Conservative Crackpot

“When you separate a person from their creator and reduce their identity to a group, sexual preference, or skin color, you often create a victim in search of a villain, which becomes a community organizer euphemistically, an agitator historically, and a Marxist ultimately.”

— — Eddie Speir, one of six conservatives Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed to the board of Sarasota’s New College of Florida, in an email to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Speir has used Twitter to promote conspiracy theories about climate change and COVID, according to Axios Tampa Bay.

Brazil Is Importing Trumpism

“If there was no Trump, there would be no Bolsonaro in Brazil. And if there was no invasion of the Capitol, there wouldn’t have been the invasion we saw yesterday. Bolsonarismo tries to copy Trumpism, and Bolsonaro supporters in Brazil try to copy what Trump supporters do in the United States.”

— Guga Chacra, a Brazilian political commentator, quoted by the New York Times.

Trump Kids Received Low-Interest Loans from Daddy

$4.55 million

“Donald Trump’s tax returns show he extended sweetheart loans to his three eldest children—Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric—saving them a small fortune while adding to the intrigue surrounding the former president’s tax maneuvers,” Forbes reports. “The younger Trumps owed their father a collective $4.55 million and paid him roughly $50,000 in annual interest from 2015 to 2020… That figure suggests the heirs paid an overall interest rate of about 1.1%.”

Biden, Trump Secret Document Scenarios Are Not Equivalent

The Biden classified documents story has been submerged in whataboutism and bothsidesism by the lamestream media deeper than Santa Barbara County in an atmospheric flood.

Dan Pfeiffer has a suggestion on Message Box on language Democrats should use to push back:

Instead of trying to lower prices and raise wages, Congressional Republicans are focused on sham investigations and taxpayer-funded, partisan fishing expeditions. President Biden, unlike Trump, immediately turned over the documents to the archives. The MAGA Republicans in Congress are trying to distract from the fact that their first votes in the new majority aim to cut Social Security and Medicare, make it easier for billionaires to cheat on their taxes, and ban abortion.