Fox Calls ‘Clinton Cash’ Lie About Foundation’s Spending ‘Incredibly Misleading’

Eric Shawn
Eric Shawn
One of the more startling assertions about the Clinton Foundation made in “Clinton Cash,” the controversial book by former Sarah Palin adviser Peter Schweizer, is that just 10 percent of the billions donated to the foundation goes to charitable activities. The rest, Schweizer has suggested, is pocketed by the Clintons.

Not surprisingly, Schweizer’s assertion has been proved to false. In fact, the 10 percent figure is such a flagrant lie that it couldn’t even pass muster on Fox. On May 6, Fox viewers were exposed to a rare glimpse of the truth, when Eric Shawn, one of the fake news channel’s “real” reporters, appeared on the network’s flagship broadcast, “The O’Reilly Factor”:


BILL O’REILLY: Also the accusation is that there only 10 percent of the money raised — and it’s $2 billion — goes to grants out to poor people or institutions. What’s the answer?

ERIC SHAWN: That sounds really bad but it’s actually incredibly misleading, because it’s the way the charity works. They don’t give grants to other charities — they do most of it themselves, so that they actually have spending of about 80 percent, according to the IRS figures. They say 88 percent. You know, Bill, the experts for charity say that’s very good. They usually want a charity to give about 80 percent of [garbled]…

BILL O’REILLY: …So their own people whom they hire do the work in Haiti, do the work in the other Third World nations, paid by the Clinton Foundation themselves [garbled] going in for infrastructure, for salaries, travel, for them to do the charitable work, rather than giving it to someone else.

ERIC SHAWN: Or partners that they work with, as opposed to being the charity [garbled]…

BILL O’REILLY: So right now the amount of money from the $2 billion that’s going out is okay.

ERIC SHAWN: Yeah. According to experts, that’s okay.

BILL O’REILLY: But 20 percent left over — that’s a lot of money left over. Wanna point that out.

ERIC SHAWN: For staples..


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