93-Year-Old Stetson Kennedy Vows to Arrest Qur’an Burner

stetsonkennedyLocal (in my neck of the woods anyway) legend Stetson Kennedy, best known for his ground-breaking journalism exposing Ku Klux Klan members in the 1940s, is taking on the Qur’an burning church. The 93-year-old Kennedy has vowed to perform a citizen’s arrest of Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center on Sept. 11.

Stetson Kennedy says he’ll be in Gainesville this weekend, and will conduct a citizen’s arrest on Dove World Outreach Center Pastor Terry Jones on the grounds of inciting violence and rioting.

“Any citizen in the presence of a crime in progress may make a citizen’s arrest,” Kennedy said.

“In this case, I would intend to take the Reverend Jones to the nearest U.S. Attorney.”

Kennedy plans to arrest Jones on grounds of sedition, which can be defined as inciting people to disturb the public peace. It’s a bit of a reach, but it makes more sense than Jones’ own plan to paint all of Islam with one brush, based on the attack by Osama bin Laden’s followers nine years ago.

Around the world, others are making a similar error of generalization in mistaking Jones’ idiocy as representative of all America, or all of Florida, or even all of the Missouri-born Jones’ operating base of Gainesville, with some Muslims vowing revenge for Jones’ ignorant actions against Americans, including troops, abroad.


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  1. I read a couple weeks ago that al Qaeda promised that it would launch a terrorist attack on Gainesville if Jones carries out his threat to burn Korans on 9/11. I would take this threat seriously since the organization was successful in bringing down the Twin Towers. I hope there will be many present on Saturday to protest against Jones so that Muslims around the world can understand that his attitude isn’t representative of the attitude of most Americans toward Islam and Muslims.

  2. majii,

    al Qaeda? You must mean Saudi Arabia, who had the help of the Dubya/dick misadministration. They created 9/11 as a pretext to start two illegal, immoral, imperialist, genocidal, infantcidal, ecocidal, profiteering, wars OF terror.

    Also, dick Cheney had his new house built less than one mile (burrowing distance) from CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia.

    If there is another terrorist attack on the US, you can be sure dick will have something to do with it, again.

  3. During the middle ages, in eastern europe, good Friday was “kill a Jew for Christ day, so why doesn’t he call 9/11 burn a Qur’an for Christ day. By the way, how many books have atheists burned??????

  4. The thing about this article right off is that still, even today with all we have learned about 9-11, even the author of this article states as fact what we all know is simply no longer viable and certainly has never been true, that Osama had anything at all to do with the twin towers.

    What every single person that reads anything at all knows by now is that the 19 hijackers were from supposedly Saudi Arabia even though later it was proven that the names used were BS and most of them are still alive in Saudi Arabi.

    Until we stop letting the blame vacillate all around and not sticking where it truly belongs, this BS will continue to happen.

    Folks, there is a reason you fell like you do and that is because you are being programmed to think that way!

    Book burning has its uses, such as heat in a disaster movie but in this case I wonder if the so called “pastor” has a clue that Mary is mentioned more times in the Koran than in the Bible? I wonder if this simpleton knows that Jesus is mentioned over and over as a Messiah, a messenger of God? Even that Jesus was born of a VIRGIN!

    I wonder if this moronic creature has read maybe the Torah? Where Jesus’ being a Messiah is completely denied.

    So tell me again, why it is we are going to continue to support a country and religion that denies Jesus with trillions of dollars and yet going to go ahead with his plans to burn a book that mentions the Mother of Jesus more times then the book he bangs on all day?

    Possibly because he has another agenda?

    Wake up people, You are being lead down a path you will never be able to get back from!

  5. Look at the bright side, sales of Qurans must have increased, maybe Dick Cheney owns a publishing house that sells the Qurans?

  6. No Sebastian, but dick Cheney does have a huge stake in Halliburton, which has profited handsomely from Dubya/dick’s bogus wars to control natural resources, especially oil, in the Middle East.

    And what better way to gain greater access to the Middle East than to drum up hatred for the Muslims that live there so we won’t feel so bad when our fascist Democratic/Republican government liquidates them in the upcoming WWIII, unless of course, WE THE PEOPLE, stop being wee little sheeple and kick them out of D.C. and into prison where they belong.

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