With Sales Slipping, Boycott of Whole Foods Called After Libertarian Owner Opposes Health-Care Reform

Boycotting Domino’s Pizza was easy. For one thing, with its carbs, fat and empty though delicious calories, pizza is bad for you. Second, the owner of Domino’s is Tom Monagan, an extreme right-wing Catholic who is a major funder of Operation Rescue and the developer of Ave Maria, Florida, a newly built town in which he allegedly attempted to establish theocratic rule.

But boycotting Whole Foods will be more difficult. While it is way over-priced, it tends to have stuff that is hard to find in regular supermarket chains.

However, not only is the owner of Whole Foods, John Mackey, a libertarian union buster, he has just come out against health-care reform in the Murdoch-owned right-wing press: