Trump Uses Campaign Stop in Roanoke to Whine Incessantly about Air Conditioning

Hotel Roanoke
Hotel Roanoke

You may have missed it but back in May Bill Maher made the point that Donald Trump behaves like the 1950s anti-woman stereotype of a know-nothing complainer. “If Trump was a man,” Maher said on “Real Time,” his HBO show,”he’d stop whining like a little bitch.” He referred to The Donald as “Lady Trump,” because “he’s a whiny little bitch.”

And thus was born the hashtag, #whinylittlebitch.

Personally, I avoid the B-word because it strikes me as inherently misogynist. I prefer to call women who behave like jerks or assholes, “jerks” or “assholes.”

But check out this report from a local newspaper in Roanoke about the way Trump behaved during a campaign rally there on Monday. If the hashtag fits…