Tony Blankley, Right-Wing Propagandist, Dead at 62

I have been tuning in to “Left, Right and Center,” the NPR political chat show produced here in Los Angeles (Santa Monica, to be precise), for so long that when I first became a regular listener the “right” was represented by Arianna Huffington, when she was a conservative — which was so long ago, as she has said, that it was back when Dennis Miller was funny.

On the show, the “left” was and is represented by Robert Scheer, formerly of the Los Angeles Times and now editor at Truthdig. The “center” was and is represented by the show’s host, Matt Miller.

After Huffington finally came to her senses and revised her ideology toward the center, she continued to participate in an essentially left-leaning but officially non-aligned position. She was replaced on the right by Tony Blankley.