Would It Kill You to Like Us on Facebook?

We are THIS CLOSE to a milestone: 200 “Like-ers” on Facebook! How exciting would it be to leap from our current 199 “Like-ing” people to 200? Pretty, pretty, pretty, durn exciting!

So help us out. If you don’t already like us on Facebook, would it KILL you to hit that stupid blue thumbs-up icon? We didn’t think so.

And here’s the thing. We do share some different stuff there than we do here. More quickies, more funny stuff, more of the best of other great, like-minded sites, etc. And “etc.” is not a term we use lightly.

Oh, and here’s something else: we’re on a first-name basis with people on Facebook. That’s right, there you can just call us, “Pensito.”

We’ll talk to you about following us on Twitter another time. For now, please like us on Facebook. Thanks.

Update: You “Like” us, you really “Like” us! As of now we are all the way up to 202 “Likes!” Thanks guys! We “Like” you too!