Chickens for Checkups Solves Health Care Issues


There’s been no shortage of derision for Republican Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowery, who recently said that instead of reforming the health care system, patients should simply offer to barter live chickens or home paint jobs for medical services. On Twitter, a search for #LowdenCare returned hilarious results, with people wondering how many chickens to trade for heart transplants, what to do if they run out of chickens, how to meet insurance premiums that call for a pig along with chickens, and more.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a web site, “Chickens for Checkups,” that helps users send a letter to Lowery asking them to find a doctor who uses her system. One drop-down menu offers a selection of illnesses to ask Sue for a doctor to treat, all from the golden age of health care she references. Rickets, scurvy, ill humours, the vapors, bloodletting, consumption, and lumbago are included. People can also choose what they’d like to offer the doctors in exchange for treatment, including five pairs of overalls, three calf-cow pairs, and their best ranch hand. Check it out. If you have some livestock and a medical condition, you’re golden.