Fox News Spoken-Word Artist Hasselbeck Opines: Oprah’s Calling out Republican Racists Could ‘Undermine Racism’

And certainly throwing around racist accusations, calling someone a racist certainly for disagreeing when they are indeed not, would undermine racism when it does occur.

– Fox News word-salad speaker Elisabeth Hasselbeck, reacting to Oprah Winfrey’s criticism of Republican racists in a recent BBC interview.

That’s right.

– Hasselbeck’s co-host Steve Doocy concurs.

Fox News Reducto Ad Absurdum: Maternity Patients Over 65 Will Be Forced to Change OB-GYNs Because of Obamacare

In the segment of Fox and Friends in this video, while Fox Business News anchor Stuart Varney is in the middle of delivering carefully constructed misinformation about the Affordable Care Act, his anti-Obama talking point is stepped on by Fox’s newest spokesmodel, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who inadvertently reduces Varney’s lie to the absurd.

First, the lie: