Fast Food Restaurants Used as Proxy for Ludicrous Culture Wars in America News Now…It’s time for all of America’s fast food chains just to come out and reveal their positions on the most important political issues affecting America right now. Would Taco Bell let the Bush tax cuts expire, Andy? Does KFC think it’s time to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba? What is the Cheesecake Factory’s position on abortion? These are important questions, Andy. What is Dairy Queen’s attitude toward a pre-emptive strike on Iran? America needs to know. I can’t enjoy a Strawberry Cheesequake, Andy, wondering whether Dairy Queen would allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon. And hold that burrito, Chipotle! Why don’t you let me know your view on the ethics of stem cell research first?

John Oliver, on the podcast he shares with fellow comedian Andy Zaltzman, The Bugle. Oliver was marveling at how American opinion is shaped.