Ad: Keep Republicans Out of Your Bedroom

The Wrap: “In what might be the subjectively raciest political ad ever, Democratic lobby group Progress Action Fund debuted a steamy sex scene takedown of the GOP this week…

“Per its website, the Progress Action Fund’s slogan is, “Democrats are afraid to fight back. We aren’t.” We’d say this ad at the very least is living up to that promise.”

Transcript via the Wrap:

The scene opens up with a man and a woman kissing in bed, both of them in their underwear with the woman straddling the man and asking if he has a condom. When the man reaches into his nightstand drawer in hopes of practicing safe sex, an elderly, white male hand snatches the condom out before he can, causing both the woman and her lover to scream in confusion at the dark-suited, red-tied man standing over them.

“Sorry, you can’t use those,” the elderly man says.

“What are you talking about?” the woman asks, holding the bedsheets up over her chest. “Who are you?”

“I’m your Republican congressman. Now that we’re in charge, we’re banning birth control,” the man says.

“This is our decision — not yours. Get out of our bedroom,” she demands.

“I won the last election,” he concludes. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m just gonna watch and make sure you don’t do anything illegal.”

As the ad ends on a closeup of the old man as a title card overlays the screen: “Keep Republicans out of your bedroom. Vote no on Aug. 8.”


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