Stark Proof that Vaccines are Winning Against Omicron

The next time your unvaccinated coworker starts telling you that the shots make no difference because even vaccinated people are getting omicron, whip out these charts. They were published in the excellent and free New York Times daily email, The Morning.

First, look at how being vaccinated affects whether you will get omicron:

Published in the New York Times “The Morning” enewsletter

OK, so some people who are vaccinated are still getting covid during the omicron surge. But who’s staying home and isolating and whose cases are so severe that they have to go into the hospital to recover?

Published in the New York Times “The Morning” enewsletter

As always with covid, we wonder about the next surge. Will our current vaccines hold up? Whatever happened to herd immunity? Will we ever go maskless in public again? In the meantime, the one thing we do know is that vaccination HELPS.


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