Rubio Says Women Don’t Need the ERA

Good news, ladies! You might not have noticed it, but your rights in America are totally equal. Your protections are the same as men. Discrimination based on gender is over. Feels good, huh?

Apparently that’s what Sen. Marco Rubio thinks. When he was asked at a rally before he quit his race for president earlier this year if he would support the Equal Rights Amendment, Rubio guffawed. “That old thing?” he seemed to say in a newly released video. “That’s so 1979!”

In fact, efforts continue to this day to enshrine equal protection of rights for women in the United States Constitution.

Now Rubio is back in Florida, running for the U.S. Senate seat he virtually abandoned because he was so convinced America would elect him their president in November. Yet even as he campaigns, he won’t commit to serving the full term, lest he again decide America wants him more than Florida does. How Rubio has any support in his state, and any votes among those of us paying pink taxes is a mystery.


6 thoughts on “Rubio Says Women Don’t Need the ERA”

    So much for the rubio-trump team.
    Their dissing of girls and women especially, as the nation’s majority, may not serve them well.
    After all, we believe Most will Vote for the Adult.


    thanks, (yep, it is ok to include our 300 000-member email address

  2. Terrifying that the issue of my youth is being revisited again. What it took to finally get legal abortions instead of the botched and crippling or lethal attempts by frightened young people was a long, hard slog. Often carloads of kids ended up driving to emergency rooms with their terrified and damaged friend severely injured from their ignorant attempts to end the unwanted pregnancy.
    And the homes for unwed mothers were known destinations for parents who were lucky enough to have their daughters live through the damage.
    It is utterly bizarre to me that in my seventies we are walking the same road. And no, I did not abort or attempt to, and am a very happy Grandmother. But life doesn’t come with Donna Reed in every household. If abortions are criminalized instead of being available with hospital care, we will be back to the back seat abortions done by kids scared to tell their parents and many parents will be facing funerals instead of the embarrassment of an out-of-wedlock grandchild.
    In addition, the very people advocating that abortions become illegal again are the very ones who lockstep with the Koch values which means there will not be adequate care for way too many women and the cycle of poverty will bring all the children into underfunded schools and it just keeps descending from there. Supercilious politicians preaching to what they hope is the hot button that will get them elected will NOT provide for adequate, sufficient funding for programs that will provide good education or healthcare. How do these people look themselves in the mirror? No wonder so many of the politicians have sleazy facial demeanors. They are too busy looking for the hot button that will get them elected. Not for doing the humane thing. If they truly want to shove abortion back into the back seats of teenagers’ cars, let us see them offer truly adequate schools and programs to feed people who need help and free college to ensure we have an educated populace. And fund decent medical care like so many nations do. It looks as if the sleaze ball mafia types run our nation sanctimoniously. I do remember the older lady a number of years back who told me and a friend that her husband and his cronies expected anybody who was going to come onto their little town councils to know you weren’t a good candidate to join them if you were hung up on being rigidly honest. It created problems in making things flow smoothly ensuring everyone on the board or council prospered from running their towns. There wasn’t any room for piety and dogged honesty in their towns. And extrapolating that to large towns and cities you get the mess we are now enduring as a nation. And I guess in this age of computing this scenario plays out among nations: Pres Pus being interested in getting his businesses onto foreign soil certainly fits the small town council going along to get along. Honesty and integrity have no place in those scenarios. Probably happened the same in cities like New York, then and now… and if you bring along your cronies who understand that you have to go along to get along…………

    1. How unrighteous are we? We give all to Satan and nothing to God. abortion is just another way to sacrifice our children because we don’t want to take responsibility for our evil deeds. What happened to morality and God-fearing. When I was in school we didn’t have the abortions like there is today. We are killing more babies than any war can. For what reason? We are so self-centered and selfish and our hearts have grown cold. I believe in the ERA but not when it comes to murder. Search your hearts and have mercy on these poor babies as God will show mercy to you in the end.

      1. I feel sorry for you, poor child. You have NO knowledge of the millions of fetuses that were self=aborted by terrified women in the mean and lean years of the Depression. Just because it was not publicized then; there were no merciful clinics and women had to jab their cervix with a clothes hanger AND PROBABLY MORE THAN HALF THOSE OVERWHELMED IMPOVERISHED WOMEN…THEY DIED BY BLEEDING TO DEATH.

        So don’t complain about today’s woman who, at least until trump cuts off their lifeline, have sterile, professional services when his condom breaks or she is raped as she and her children sleep in A CAR, or afraid her born baby will die of hunger or be killed by the one supporting her if baby cries too much!

        THIS IS THE REAL WORLD, young lady. Not always pretty picture-bookish. Reality can be harsh and cruel for girls and women UNTIL there is an Equal Rights Amendment codified in our US Constitution.

        I may have been as naive as you when young. Now, at 84 years old, as a Nurse Practitioner, I have seen much Life -in-the-raw, not the sweet depictions of some churches and many politicians. Just asking you to Think About what if YOU were made pregnant in High School or other time, just as you were embarking on your college life or new fulltime job. I have seen a whole lot of that. Until there’s a better way, impossible pregnancies MUST have a way out.

        I’m sorry if Real Life as I’ve seen is too raw for you. Better that you have a glimpse of what can terrorize you than not to know.

  3. PS the Equal Rights Amendment is nearly 100 years old, not quite yet passed. It’s simple goal is to make sex discrimination against male and female (tho we females take the brunt of it ) a Violation of our US Constitution!

    “Equality of Rights shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex” is what it says. Period.
    Clearly, it’s purpose is to guarantee male and female alike the goal of Equal Treatment in America.

    It also is predicted to cause our USA Gross Domestic Product/GDP to soar by 15% as other nations have noted!

    When one launches women and girls with their freedom from fake ideas of what they must Be, then they can be real Adults. We need MORE OF THEM in elected office as studies show they make a humane difference in office.

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