Miller to GOP’s Fiorina: Your Study of Medieval History ‘Will Come in Handy Trying to Defend the Republican War on Women’

A pair of Californians squared off on CNN Sunday morning. Watch as liberal radio/TV host Stephanie Miller demonstrates how to talk to Republicans in this exchange with failed U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorini about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and Fiorini’s party’s war on women.


CNN host CANDY CROWLEY: Let me ask you, Stephanie, about the culture wars, because it does seems to me that on Monday you could think, wow, it’s culture wars two. This had to do with birth control but on any number of issues whether it’s gay rights, whether it’s climate change, the president has put these issues front and center. And if the culture wars are back, and if they play out at the ballot box, who does that favor?

STEPHANIE MILLER (to: Fiorini) …I think, and by the way I respect you as a woman very much and your accomplishments. I even read that you studied medieval history…


MILLER: …which I think will come in handy trying to defend the Republican war on women, but you know, Candy, every woman I know is furious about the hobby lobby decision. 98 percent of catholic women use birth control. This is not just a war against women. This is —

FIORINA: And they have 16 forms of it.

MILLER: This is a war against science, Carly.

FIORINA: Oh for heaven’s sakes.

MILLER: Because these religious, you know, people believe certain drugs cause abortion. Doctors and scientists say they do not so they actually prevent implantation, they prevent abortion.

FIORINA: So, now we should mandate 20 forms of contraception for free, for free, that’s what they get.


MILLER: How do you say you’re small government and get the government involved in those personal decisions between a woman and her doctor?

FIORINA: This is crazy to me. Your arguments are so counter- factual. Twenty forms of birth control —

MILLER: This is already –


FIORINA: Twenty forms of birth control are mandated, and by the way, not by Obama Obamacare. They’re mandated by some HHS bureaucrats who go into the basement and write a regulation after Obamacare passes and they decide, elected by no one, accountable to no one, they decide 20 forms of birth control have to be offered for free —

CROWLEY: Let me try to get Judge Ginsburg in here.

MILLER (ph): Absolutely right. Judge Ginsburg was making a political statement not a legal statement.

CROWLEY: I want to just go a little 50,000 foot here and tell me whether the culture wars are back, and how do you frame — let’s just take the birth control issue and the Supreme Court decision.

MILLER (ph): Which was about religious liberty, not access to birth control.


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