Joy Reid’s New Show Starts Today on MSNBC

Joy Reid, one of the smartest, insightful and best-informed political analysts in the business, is finally getting her own show on MSNBC. It starts today at 11 a.m., Pacific.

We’re glad she’s getting a show but would much prefer to see her in the network’s primetime line-up — she’s among the best at the network, rivaled only by Rachel Maddow in terms of breadth of knowledge and depth of analysis. So if you like tough-minded political thinkers who do not pull punches or hesitate to call right-wing b.s. what it is, Reid is your gal.

Reid discussed her rise through the MSNBC ranks in a recent interview with Lee Bailey:

“This is really a dream job,” she told Lee Bailey.“Having the ability to use your voice and have your voice out there is great. Whether you’re doing it as a guest, or doing as a guest/host of a show. But this is an incredible platform and I’m kind of humbled by the opportunity to have that platform five days a week. It is definitely a dream job.”

Joy has been guest host on several MSNBC news shows such as The Chris Matthews Show as well as being the Managing Editor at theGrio. She tells EURweb that while she is indeed happy with her current standing it wasn’t exactly the course she plotted meticulously.

“I would hope for it and I really wasn’t that calculated. I would just try to do the best I could and really be true to the show of the person was filling in for. As a guest host, I felt like that was my job. Being a contributor I would try to enhance it as much as I could and really be honest with that opinion. Whatever I’m doing, I’m focused on that. You can’t do a good job if you’re focused on something else.

“It’s very humbling when you go out in to the world and hear someone say ‘Hey, Joy! We’re glad you have your own show!’ People have been very nice to me. They have been very generous and are really rooting for the show. So, I feel like it was a team effort to get it. Not just people out in the real world, but people online, people in social media have been pushing really hard advocating for it to happen. I feel like we kind of all got it. I really appreciate it.”


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