Katrina II: Bush Fails to Respond to Tornado’s Aftermath in New Orleans

As of 6:30 AM Pacific, Pres. Bush has still not responded to Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s request to declare a state of emergency in New Orleans in the wake of devastation caused by a tornado that ripped through area at around 3:00 AM Central Time Wednesday morning:

The F-2 tornado skipped across the region, hitting homes in Westwego, Carrollton and Gentilly. It produced winds well over one hundred miles per hour and was responsible for significant damage to an area that is still reeling from Katrina. A few dozen people were injured and one elderly lady was killed when her trailer was overturned.

The New Orleans area is now in shock once again, as over 200 homes and dozens of trailers were damaged by this violent tornado. Many people are asking why Mother Nature dealt another blow to the area. Local residents in the path of the deadly tornado, who did not finish rebuilding from Katrina or just finished renovating their homes, need to start over.

Unlike the delayed reaction to Katrina, yesterday, political leaders jumped into action quickly. [Gov.] Blanco and [New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin] toured the damaged areas and offered support to victims. A state of emergency was called locally, and Governor Blanco asked President Bush to declare a federal state of emergency which will qualify local victims to receive government assistance.


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