Finally! A Serious Effort to Recall Schwarzenegger

Sign up: This effort needs all the encouragment we can give it:

A California physician launched an effort to gather a million signatures to force a recall vote on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who came to office two years ago following an unprecedented recall.

Kenneth Matsumura announced the campaign prior to submitting a petition to California’s Secretary of State, who oversees elections.

“People are desperate, they’re suffering, and I think the governor’s going to have to listen,” he told reporters, saying Schwarzenegger has hurt the poor and students.

“The task at first seemed daunting but in the last week the number of hits to our Web site at has been really overwhelming.”

The Republican star of the “Terminator” films rode a wave of discontent against his Democratic predecessor Gray Davis in 2003 to become the state’s first governor elected in a recall election. Yet Schwarzenegger has seen his own poll numbers fall to record lows this year after enjoying wide popularity in a state where Democrats are the largest party.


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