Moonie Times: Rove ‘Very Involved’ in Miers Pick

A Supreme mole: Yesterday, we suggested that the nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court was an attempt by the Bush team – particularly Vice President Cheney and Karl Rove – to plant a crony among the Supremes because they knew Treasongate indictments were imminent, and therefore it might be useful to have an operative on the inside should congressional investigations move toward impeachment.

This nomination is starting to look like an attempt at Machiavellian intrigue by a desperate bunch of political yahoos.

Last night, we learned that the Capitol is awash in rumors on two fronts related to the CIA Leak investigation. First, there is word that the special prosecutor will soon issue 22 indictments in the matter; and secondly, Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin, refused to confirm or deny whether Rove had received a letter from the prosecutor naming him as a target of the investigation, which is significant because Luskin had earlier categorically denied that Rove was a target.

Now comes this from the rightwing, Unification Church-owned Washington Times:

Senior Bush adviser Karl Rove was “very involved” in President Bush’s Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers, who was selected in part because she has no judicial track record, according to a Republican with close ties to the administration.

“We know that Rove was very involved in the process, and he’s certainly well tuned in to the Hill and how it works,” said GOP strategist Charlie Black. “I suspect the Senate leadership might have given him the advice to take into consideration on how hard or how easy someone would be to confirm.”

This nomination is starting to look like an attempt at Machiavellian intrigue by a desperate bunch of political yahoos.

UPDATE: Rove Will Testify in CIA Leak Case for Fourth Time


12 thoughts on “Moonie Times: Rove ‘Very Involved’ in Miers Pick”

  1. When is this going to stop. This is the most corrupt White HOLuse I have ever seen in my lifetime. Where is the outrage from the American people. The American people better soon get their heads out of the sand and start looking at what is happening to our country. This is not the America that I grew up in and this is not the America that I want for my children and grandchildren.

    Starting with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rice. They should all be on trial for treason.


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    ‘High-Treason’ painting juxtaposes historical and contemporary reality and visually records the usurpation of US democracy [vis a vi a corrupt election] and challenges the illegitimate handing over of power to the stooges and lackeys that control the modern day slave culture of credit and debt… Steven Bayless ( 2002 )

  3. Where’s the outrage? It’s out here, it’s just not being covered and the channels that use to exist such as objective journalism, and popular protest songs have been neutralized by the consolidation of outlets and venues that simply don’t exist anymore. In the 60’s there were hundreds of different corporations that owed various newspapers, television, radio, magazine and publishing companies. Today, there are only 6 major corporations that control 90% of all that we read, hear and see – none of which would be even closely considered anything but far-right in their ideology. So, the outrage is out there, but until it’s gets so bad, which is soon to happen, that even the corporate owned organizations won’t be able to hide the crumbling of what was once a fairly decent country, then it will be noticed. Unfortunately by then it will be too late.

  4. Plamegate is nothing like the worst of their crimes, but it can bring them down and they’ve
    known it for some time.
    Miers obviously would be there to protect them, but I’ve been arguing that that was Roberts priority as well. This would give them 4 solid votes on the Court.
    This is another front a real opposition would be attacking on, but the Dems are not that real opposition.
    Dont forget this stuff:

  5. You people aren’t going nuts, you are nuts.

    Let’s review evidence why the media isn’t ignoring you because it’s biased but because you’re lunatics without a shred of evidence.

    1) CBS attempted a hatchet job on Bush right before the election. Dan Rather thought he had evidence but it turned out to be poor forgeries.

    2) Your anti-Bush poster girl, Cindy Sheehan, got almost non-stop exclusive coverage of her moronic rants for a month, until Hurricane Katrina hit and made some real news.

    3) Before the rain and winds even stopped the media went about systematically blaming George Bush for everything remotely connected with Katrina including causing the hurricane for not signing Kyoto. It was the most overblown, irresponsible disaster coverage the U.S. has ever witnessed.

    You people have made fools of yourselves and the press, whenever it indulges you, comes out looking foolish too. No wonder Fox News has the highest ratings by far – they’re the only ones that even pretend to be fair and balanced anymore.

  6. I’ve slept with Karl Rove. We had an affair that lasted eight years, until I lost my job as a Red Cross volunteer and could no longer afford his hourly fee.

    Someday I hope to find another job so we can resume our love affair.

  7. I have also slept with Dick Cheney.

    Currently I am sleeping with Tom Delay.

    If anyone here would like to sleep with me, please let me know.

  8. Just a few reminders for our short-memoried googleboy:

    1. During the Dan Rather Debacle there was one thing GWB couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t do – deny the allegations. Rather than find some Guard buddies from Alabama (which he couldn’t) to stand up and say Bush served, he gets Rove to attack the typing font, not the allegations. So googleboy, you think Bush served his time in Alabama in an honorable fashion? On what evidence?

    2. Cindy Sheehan is just asking what Bush won’t tell us and many of us would like to know: What is the mission and time frame for our war in Iraq? Can’t answer that one truthfully either as we all know that the U.S. is going NOWHERE with a dozen new military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. Of course the bases in Afghanistan are right along the path of a proposed oil pipeline that GWB and cronies deny is being planned. Like GWB tells us, “It’s not about oil.”

    3. Easy for you to say googleboy, do you live in New Orleans? Obviously Brownie was totally incompetent and had no place in the position in the first place. And of course cutting FEMA funding every year since he took office didn’t help. Just like 911 and aircraft as weapons, Bush couldn’t “imagine that the levies would fail.” I don’t think Bush is necessarily evil, just not up to the job. He has shown his incompetence from the day he took office. And even a googleboy like yourself has to admit he has been less than candid, when not outright misinforming us, about the war.

    4. And Fox has the highest ratings because people like yourself love being misinformed. You watch an hour of Fox, digest the GOP talking points of the day cheer O’Reilly and Hannity and think yourself informed. Hint googleboy – you’re not. Its not news dude – its entertainment for the naive. News is facts – not opinion. Not that Fox is the only network seeped in opinion but they were the trailblazer of biased newstainment. What counts to the networks is not informing the public or truth – it is market share and stock holder value. Truth is ugly and doesn’t sell. Lies sell easy and folks like you lap it up because it validates your own political immaturity. The GOP lemming theory of politics, “Gee if 58 million other Americans agree with me I must be right eh?” To sum that up it is a fact that 1/2 of the U.S. population is dumber than normal. So where are these underthinkers located? Lets try looking at scholastic results by region and gee – golly – the states with the worst educational systems are ALL red states. Why do college professors generally lean to the left? Its called education dude – something that the red states could do with more of. But no – we have to have intelligent design – not math.

    On the other hand Bonnie Nuss – I ain’t had none lately either – ever since Paris dumped me its been a lonely one-handed life. Come get it Bonnie ;)

    -Greg Forest

  9. It’s obvious (to me) that the White House doesn’t really care if Miers is appointed or not. By choosing such an obviously unqualified candidate, they have thrown a giant time-waster at the Senate. The more theatre they can create on stage, the more they can get away with behind the scenes…

    It’s quite possible the the American people have not howled the crew of brigands out of office because they are exhausted from five years of blitzkreig- the Administration’s attack on every front and no relief. Never forget, the stated purpose of neo-cons is to “drown government in a bathtub”. Why? No government= no power to regulate those who act illegally.

  10. Hey googleboy, you’re really in line with the president’s priorities: “…the most irresponsible disaster coverage the U.S. has ever witnessed.” Because you know, it’s not the handling of the disaster that was irresponsible — it was the COVERAGE. Gotta watch out for that coverage, it’s a killer.

  11. googleboy waaa waaa waaa cry baby there nothing but a bunch of closet cases who hate themselves running this whitehouse theres Ken Melman, and poor little Scotty and lets not forget Davey Drier and Georges miltary prostitute jeffy gannon and lucky lesbian condi and the other Dyke Karen Hughes a long with bald bad boy Ari and the Queen of queens Karl frog march Rove and theres the Questionable New supreme court nomine Harriet never been married Myeres (who thinks shrub is the smartest man a live)or the new head justice John roberts with the perfect children and then you have the lisping Mark foley of Fla and we could go on and on and on and what right do i have to say these things is I’m a proud Gay liberal man who stands up for whats right and am Dam proud to be Gay and not the self hating sickos in the republican party!!!!!!

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