Gropinator Vetoes California Gay Marriage Bill

Not a Kennedy: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger – a serial philanderer and adulterer – has quashed the first-ever gay marriage bill passed by a state legislature:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today delivered on his promise to veto legislation that would have given same-sex partners the right to marry, but said he would not support any rollback of the state’s current domestic partner benefits.

The governor passed up a historic opportunity:

The legislature’s passage of AB 849 marked the first time that a legislative body in the United States has approved a bill that legalizes gay marriage.

Ironically, Schwarzenegger, a Republican, has said the ultimate decision about gay marriage in California will be left up to the courts.

Funny how judicial activism is just fine with Republicans when it suits there ends. (Bush Vs. Gore comes to mind.)


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