Bush: Everyone Must Conserve Fuel But Me

The key phrase here is “non-essential travel” – which can be defined as a trip made purely as a photo op:

“If it makes sense for the citizen out there to curtail nonessential travel, it darn sure makes sense for federal employees,” Bush said. “We can encourage employees to car pool or use mass transit, and we can shift peak electricity use to off-peak hours. There’s ways for the federal government to lead when it comes to conservation.”

The White House also will be looking at ways to conserve, press secretary Scott McClellan said, although that didn’t include curtailing the president’s travel plans. Tuesday marked the president’s seventh trip to the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes in less than a month.


2 thoughts on “Bush: Everyone Must Conserve Fuel But Me”

  1. My mustang gets 22 mpg in the city. What does that big f-ing 747 get?
    He is useless & ineffective….HE should conserve, HE should stay home.
    Hey Dumbya – I gotta work, gotta drive.

  2. This is what we expect from George Bush, isn’t it? He says what people want, but he does what he wants.

    I’m sure that his 7 trips to the South made a big difference in hurricane relief efforts. He must have been doing things to further the cause that couldn’t have been done without him present.
    (Sarcasm intended.)

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