House GOP Moves Forward with Whitewash of Disaster ‘Investigation’

The Republican leadership in Congress revealed another level of the depth of its corruption yesterday by announcing plans to conduct a fake investigation into President Bush’s failure to react properly to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Despite the fact that 81 percent of Americans surveyed this week in the CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll said they wanted an independent investigation, the Republican leadership is going forward with its whitewash of the administration’s failure to act quickly, which resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives:

House Republicans plan to proceed with a special investigation into the government response to Hurricane Katrina despite resistance by Democrats who say they will not take part and are demanding an independent inquiry…

The House minority leader, Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, said Wednesday that she was not backing down.

“I will not appoint any Democrats to participate in this sham,” said Ms. Pelosi, who has the authority to recommend 9 of the 20 panel members.


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