Bush Dirty Tricks: ANWAR Vote Buried in Budget Resolution — Act Now!

This is it kids. They’re going to vote on a budget resolution that will have a hidden clause that will sneak in drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They’re going to do it tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 20. If you were waiting for the signal in order to act, here it is.

The Sierra Club is exposing the typical Bush shenanigans:

After decades of being told “no,” Big Oil and its allies in Congress — in the face of overwhelming public support for protecting this national treasure — have buried the controversial Arctic drilling measure deep in the budget. And in recent weeks they have exploited the Hurricane Katrina tragedy as an excuse to drill in the Arctic and off our coasts. Don’t let them get away with these tricks!

Go here to the Defenders of Wildlife, and all you have to do is click on “senators” or “representatives” and supply your info. An email will be sent to your particular people in Washington, both senators and representatives. How easy can this be? They’ve already written a message for you, but I redid it a little. Feel free to customize mine to your tastes:

Please don’t give in to anyone who tells you it would be politically unpopular to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Vote against the budget reconciliation package if it allows oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Demand a clean budget bill that doesn’t include a hidden raid on our nation’s wilderness.

We can’t drill our way out of our oil dependence. We consume 25% of the earth’s oil reserves, and if we drilled every last one of ours – in the Gulf of Mexico, in Alaska – we’d only have 3%.

It’s time to start living within our means in this country – that includes oil, other resources, and budget. It saddens me that under George Bush, America is no longer the great country it once was, but all of us alive today have an obligation to keep it from sliding further into selfish oblivion. Please do your job as a public servant, and do what’s right. Vote against the budget reconciliation package.

The site is being heavily trafficked tonight (thank you, Lord!), so it might time out a couple of times before you get in. Keep trying.

Do this. Do it now. It’s just too easy and what will happen if you don’t do it is too frickin’ hard. Come on, click.


2 thoughts on “Bush Dirty Tricks: ANWAR Vote Buried in Budget Resolution — Act Now!”

  1. It’s more than about time we drilled in Anwar. And let’s have somed more refineries too. Sure, fuel cell cars or hydrogen cars would be better but we’re not there yet. Between now and when we get them, it’s going to be oil. Thank God you guys are a dying breed.

  2. We know this oil goes to Asia, not to the US. Stevens isn’t even smart enough to suggest putting the oil into the US strategic reserve. This, like his bridge, is PORK. How about some mileage standards? They worked before. Maybe an “apollo” project for alternative fuels? Its give-a-ways like this to big oil that should make us all sick.

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