Laura Bush Gets ‘Hypocrite’ Award for ‘Disgusting’ Remark

“I think all of those remarks were disgusting, to be perfectly frank. Of course President Bush cares about everyone in our country.”

— First Lady Laura Bush, reacting to statements by rapper Kanye West and others that President Bush is apathetic about blacks. For this statement and more, she is winner of Buzzflash‘s GOP Hypocrite of the Week award


2 thoughts on “Laura Bush Gets ‘Hypocrite’ Award for ‘Disgusting’ Remark”

  1. Why comment on something so obviously true it really doesn’t need reporting. She wouldn’t have qualified to become Bush’s wife if she hadn’t been a hypocrite.

  2. The adjective ‘disgusting’ would more aptly apply to:
    the Louisiana politicians who diverted levee funds;
    Lousiana politicians who continued to allow and build housing below sea level;
    the media for reporting hundreds of deaths at the Superdome when only 6 happened (4 from natural causes, 1 from an overdose, and 1 suicide);
    the Louisiana politicians (political hacks) who wanted to use school buses to evacuate residents but had no plan to get the drivers to the buses, no route plan for drivers if they had shown up, no pick up points for residents, no staging area and onward movement shelter for residents, no emergency medical supplies, no back up communication system;
    the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama districts that released prisoners from jails only to have those criminals (or those awaiting trial and unable to post bond) commit more crime locally and then get relocated to neighboring states where crime rates have risen due to the influx of the criminal element ‘hidden’ in evacuees;
    the ACLU and any other ‘civil liberty’ group who objected to collecting of ‘names, former address, names of next of kin, names of neighbors, and medical screening’ of evacuees to aid in the restoration of family units, to reincarcerate criminals, and to prevent the spread of disease;
    the media (they deserve another dose of disgusting just like the Louisiana politicians) for criticizing any effort made to alleviate the suffering under the guise of labeling the aid ‘political necessity’;
    the media (why not a triple dose) for not reporting that houses are condemned, soil is contaminated, most former employment is non-existent and that New Orleans (as it was) will not be rebuilt;
    the evacuees — (why them?) there are 35 ‘families’ at a local motel who have received more clothing than they had prior to Katrina, receive and continue to receive prepared food from local church groups but don’t like most of the food, have not applied for any number of jobs in the area (unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled), have not placed their children in school, and several have been charged in a rash of petty crimes. But, the media won’t report that — so the media comes up for another dose of disgusting.

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