Speech Prediction: Tax Cuts to Build Cajun Disneyland

I will, regrettably, be unable to experience Bush’s speech tonight but I bet I know what he’ll say:

Tax cuts! Tax cuts! And more tax cuts!

Fareed Zakaria nailed it Sunday on ABC’s This Week. As Newt Gingrich floated the tax cut trial balloon as the only way to rebuild New Orleans, Fareed begged to differ. If you declare open season for private investors to come down and build quick-profit enterprises, he said, you’ll end up with Cajun Disneyland.

Right on, Fareed! Think about it: Katrina has done nothing if not prove there are appropriate roles for government – not just appropriate but vital – and restoration is one of them.

If we subsidize rich investors in building a new, bigger, better New Orleans (with more public rest rooms), we’ll end up with Anytown USA and some red beans thrown in for atmosphere. Not only that, we’ll lose the older, historic, authentic and possibly not immediately profitable places that make New Orleans special.

Save the tax cuts and use that money to do the job only government can.

As you listen to Georgie drone on tonight about how great it’s going to be with tax cuts for all his buds, picture Jackson Square’s tarot card readers replaced with mall kiosks of sunglasses. And just say no.


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