Poll: Bush Remains at 41% in NYT/CBS Poll

Americans awakening: President Bush received a 41 percent approval rating in the new New York Times/CBS poll, which is in line with other polls in recent days.

As we have said ad infinitum, this number is ridiculously high considering the incompetence of this president and his team – at every endeavor except for partisan political warfare.

However, the poll shows that for the first time, just half of Americans approve of Mr. Bush’s handling of terrorism, which has been his most consistent strength since he scored 90 percent approval ratings in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.


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  1. This time it has a different feel. The WMD fiasco, the Abu Ghraib scandal, Plame affair, etc. the nation was angry, but not past the tipping point on “W.” Katrina cuts deeper and I sense even among the right wing-nuts a realization that “this guy doesn’t have the right stuff.”

    Mused on this one in yesterday’s diary entry, come on by and have a look,

    Mission Demolished


    The President stepped onto the deck of the Iwo Jima Sunday with considerably less fanfare than was deployed for his made-for-TV boarding of the Abraham Lincoln in ‘03. And this time he left the flyboy getup hanging in the costume department.

    But one thing that was not left hanging this time was a “Mission Accomplished” banner. Nor was this boat floating in picturesque San Diego Harbor. The Iwo Jima is docked along the Mississippi, just a few hundred yards from a city shattered by a gal named Katrina who may well have also laid waste to what’s left of the Bush presidency.

    Bush didn’t accomplish the mission in Iraq and he downright demolished the one that involved a federal response to Katrina. It was his third trip to New Orleans since the storm, no doubt to assuage a conscience distressed by how his administration so belatedly figured out that this one was of the Biblical variety.

    It did not help that the FEMA director Bush told the world was doing a “heck of a job” had just handed in a heck of a resignation and, for once, a clear majority of Americans are angered over another muffed mission.


    Keep the faith people!
    Kind regards,

    The Muse

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