Admitted Serial Pilanderer Will Veto Marriage Law

Dept. of Irony: In a move that can only be meant to pander to extreme rightwing voters – who represent the only base of support he has left in California – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will veto the nation’s first legislation that grants full marriage rights to same sex couples.

Ironically, the governor is an admitted philanderer, who has had at least one long-term relationship outside his marriage to Maria Shriver. (According to the woman, the affair allegedly started when she was under age.) He has also been accused by no fewer than 15 women of making unwanted sexual advances.

In high places within the film industry, it is rumored (at the very least) that Schwarzenegger has indulged in sex practices that would shock and appall the very ultra-rightwing voters he is pandering to.

Ms. Shriver is, of course, a member of the Kennedy family, which – until now – has been a bulwark in the move toward civil rights in the United States. Her tacit connection to this denial of the civil rights of roughly 10 percent of California citizens – 3 million of us – besmirches her family name.

This is a dark day in Calfornia, a bitter pill for gay people and a very low point for the Kennedy family.

Conversely, it is a time for rejoicing for the cadre of professional homophobes in this country – thanks to a hollow man playing at politics.


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