Poll: Schwarzenegger More Unpopular Than Bush in CA

Un-Fantastic: Our hyper-competitive Gov. Schwarzenegger has bested top Gop President Bush in the competition to see who Californians loathe the most. The governor’s 36 percent approval makes him even more unpopular than President Bush, who has a 38 percent approval in the state.

Congratulations, Governor:

Barely more than one in three Californian voters would re-elect Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger if he decides to run for a second term — and contests between him and his Democratic challengers, Treasurer Phil Angelides and Controller Steve Westly, would be too close to call if they were held now, a Field Poll released today shows.

The poll illustrates how the Republican governor’s once-diverse base of support — independents, Democrats and Republicans who gave him a victory in the unprecedented 2003 recall election — has now shrunk almost exclusively to his GOP base.

“Clearly, he’s in a vulnerable category,” said Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll. “His core is sticking with him — and just about everyone else isn’t.”

In the 1994, former Gov. Pete Wilson came back very low numbers to win re-election over Kathleen Brown, the popular state Treasurer – and the sister and daughter of two of California’s most popular governors, Jerry and pat, respectively. But Brown proved to be a weak candidate – especially when Wilson used the cudgel of the anti-illegal immigrant Proposition 187 to change the topic from education and the economy. While Wilson won the State House with Prop 187, the Republicans ultimately lost California. The harsh, anti-Hispanic rhetoric from the Right during the campaign drove millions of Latinos to register as Democrats.

Wilson was pro-choice but his rightwing bona fides were in good order. Schwarzenegger is as liberal as Republicans come, so his first big threat will be from his right. It’s a dead cinch that a true believer like state Sen. Tom McClintock will go after him in the primaries, where hard right voters dominate. These voters will very likely vote for a real conservative over the Hollywood liberal, and could take the once mighty Terminator out in the first found.


4 thoughts on “Poll: Schwarzenegger More Unpopular Than Bush in CA”

  1. One of the world biggest economy should not be ruled by member of the Bush gang: GOP.
    Schwarzenegger and Bush, both have shown incredible disabilities.
    Both of them don’t speak propper English.

  2. This guy defies understanding. He should know better, but he is another elected official who thinks only big government can tell the little people how to live correctly. I gave him a lot of rope and didn’t want to judge him unfairly…but as usual…he hung himself. Remember this is the movie star who spoke only seven lines in one of his most successful movies. It is a shame someone isn’t writing him such a script now. This is what happens when terminators think they have brains.

  3. Arnold-Dummy low polled, like his POTUS friend in Washington? Fine!
    But how about the Democrats in Sacramento?
    What the hell are they doing about it???
    They show ZERO political strategy, exactly like their friends in Washington. They are totally unable to understand that political leadership means being pro-active and aggresive!
    Indeed, there was enough time to use the CA situation, to introduce at lightning speed an impeachment procedure that would have ended on….Arnold’s November ballot, beating him with his own stick!
    Dems and GOPs are all in the same corporate pocket, and given the GOP’s strategical capabilities, Dems are doomed. Arnold-Dummy is totally irrelevant.

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