Sloppy Reporting by Newsweek

A Newsweek story has President Bush ending his vacation 24 hours earlier than he did:

When Air Force One dipped below the clouds on Tuesday so the president could peer out the window down at the disaster, the image was uncomfortably imperial.


In fact, Bush didn’t fly over New Orleans until Wednesday afternoon, a full 60 hours AFTER the hurricane… Had Newsweek, and the rest of the media, bothered paying more attention to the fact that our president stayed on vacation until the 3d day after the hurricane, they might have gotten this fact right.

They must not know how to use the Internets.


One thought on “Sloppy Reporting by Newsweek”

  1. Thank you! With even small observations such as this one, eventually America will be recovered and returned to her rightful owners, the people.

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