Clinton: ‘Our Government Failed Those People’

“Our government failed those people in the beginning, and I take it now there is no dispute about it. One hundred percent of the people recognize that — that it was a failure.”

— Former President Bill Clinton

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2 thoughts on “Clinton: ‘Our Government Failed Those People’”

  1. have been hearing comments by FEMA people that the people of NO should leave as there are no jobs. Are these people crazy? I have unemployed friends here in Mich who have loaded up their chainsaws in their pickup trucks and headed south for the big cleanup.
    This will be a repeat of Iraq where the locals are frozen out of rebuilding their city, and big contracters will make a fortune.
    The governor of Louisiana should intervene and reserve jobs at every level for Louisiana residents particularily from areas hit by hurricane.

  2. I was extremely disappointed to see Clinton posing with the Bushes in the oval office. There are other/better ways he could help the flood victims than by lending his support to the incompetent leadership of Bush. Clinton has credibility with the poor. Bush has none. Now is not the time for political largesse. This administration needs to burn on the bonfire of its own making. Clinton’s comment is milk toast to their brimstone. Hold the milk, Bill. They’ve done unto others too long, let it come back to them like biblical justice.

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