3 thoughts on “Bar Bush: The Poor Like Living in the Astrodome”

  1. Good ol’ Babs Bush. What a character (chuckle, chuckle)…what a disgrace, just like her husband and all of her sons.
    One wonders how any man could get into bed with such a wicked, wacky witch. It would seem the only way she could conceive is through In Vitro, for how could any man, even her unattractive husband get it up for such a person with such an ugly mind, and such an ugly puss? The more one looks her over, the more one has to believe she is, indeed, the mother of the Boys from Brazil.

  2. My mother, a true blue Repug, told me upon reading this that old Babs is a real piece of work. Let’s quote Mom: “That woman is a bitch, bitch, bitch — awful person — any one of us who’ve met her will say the same thing.”
    Does this surprise you?
    Read the Pensito quote — like a thousand times. It’ll sink in.

    PS — I hate cake

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