NOLA Freeper Goes Off on Bush about Katrina Response: ‘Get Me an AK 47 and a Bus Ticket Back to New Orleans’

“I am a conservative and while I don’t appraciate the left using my misery for cheap political gain, we need to call a spade a spade. Bush’s response as been as limp dick as Blank-o’s. Maybve more so when you consider the resources he has available. My adopted hometown is in ruins and nothing is being done. Period. Why do we have a f-ing government, if not for these situations? What do I pay taxes for? So I can live in an unconstitutional FEMA shelter and confiscate tax money, so I survive for four months while my city is rebuilt? Terrific. These situations are why conservatives believe in government. And our government at all levels including the man I voted for four times (Bush) has been an utter disaster. I am thinking of becoming an anarchist. Get me an AK 47 and a bus ticket back to New Orleans.”

Actual Freeper Quote TM, from Pam’s House Blend


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