Humane Society Is in the Gulf to Rescue Animals in Katrina’s Wake

As if there weren’t enough heart break and horror in the Deep South areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, tens of thousands of pets were left behind or have lost their humans in the storm. But unlike some human rescue services that have not left yet for the Gulf Coast, the Humane Society arrived on Tuesday, the day after the storm:

The HSUS National Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) has been preparing for a massive response to Hurricane Katrina since word of its path was reported last week. But the aftermath effects of the storm, and flooding in particular, continue to frustrate rescue efforts trying to reach the areas with the most losses…

More than 30 experienced HSUS rescue staff and volunteers trained in animal rescue from 12 states are coordinating with state officials, federal agencies, and other rescue organizations to start evacuating animals out of the most-affected areas. They’ll also begin establishing pet-friendly shelters and delivering supplies, resources and medical assistance.

With the call from Louisiana’s Governor to fully evacuate New Orleans, HSUS prepped teams to move into Baton Rouge, as soon as access permits, to coordinate pet-friendly sheltering for evacuees with the Louisiana SPCA.

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