Pro-Bush Groups Assault Each Other at Protest Site

Proof (as if any were needed) that you have to be mentally challenged to support President Bush and his war:

In one heated moment, members of the pro-Bush crowd turned on what they mistakenly thought were a group of anti-war protesters, cursing them, threatening them and tearing down their signs. A police officer rushed the group to safety.

If you’re guessing that the two groups were the Paste-Eaters and Mouth-Breathers, you are close. One group was Move America Forward; the other called itself Protest Warriors.

Keith Olbermann uncovered something interesting about Move America Forward last week:

Several partisan Web sites reported that the anti-antiwar group Move America Forward was not quite as grassrootsy a response to [antiwar protester Cindy] Sheehan as it first seemed, that it had, in fact, been launched by a Sacramento public relations firm with strong connections to the Republican Party.

Those Web sites are right. While the online evidence has been scrubbed that the PR firm Russo, Marsh, and Rogers actually put up the Move America Forward Web site, Move America Forward still lists as its chief strategist and one of its board members Sal Russo of the PR firm Russo, Marsh, and Rogers.

And the Move America Forward fax number in that area code is 441-6057, while the Russo, Marsh, and Rogers fax number in that area code is 441-6057.

Meanwhile, TBogg visited the Protest Warriors website and came back with this nugget:

Welcome to, a website created to help arm the liberty-loving silent majority with ammo — ammo that strikes at the intellectual solar plexus of the Left.

Encouraged by our successful crashing of the February 16th San Francisco anti-war protest, we decided it was time for the Left to put down their megaphones, peel off their bumper stickers, and listen to the people who believe in the core values of this country. It’s time to start making a little noise…

Somewhere Osama must be smiling…


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