NY Sen: Pirro Gets Double Whammy

Associated Press:

Jeanine Pirro’s fledgling campaign for the Republican nomination to take on Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton next year was hit from two sides Thursday as she lost out on a county chairman’s backing and one of her rivals trotted out a TV ad mocking her GOP credentials.

“She’s not running to beat Hillary Clinton, she [sic] running to be Hillary Clinton,” said the 30-second television spot appearing on former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer’s Web site — http://www.joinspencer.com — on Thursday.

Spencer’s ad, which strategist John McLaughlin said would begin airing next week on cable channels across the state, notes that Pirro and Clinton both support abortion and gay rights, and gun-control legislation.

Spencer and Manhattan lawyer [and Nixon son-in-law] Edward Cox, who is also seeking the GOP Senate nomination, have said that Pirro, Westchester County’s high-profile district attorney, is too liberal to win the backing of the state Conservative Party. No GOP candidate for statewide office in New York has won without Conservative Party backing since 1974.


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