How Does It Honor the Dead to Sacrifice More Young Lives for an Unworthy Cause?

“One … phrase that has become higher profile with Mr. Bush, the repetition about the dead, that we will honor their sacrifice by completing their mission, was the exact terminology today. Is there a point at which one of the protesters, even if it was only a dozen protesters, or a Democrat, or both, comes out and says, Hey, wait a minute, that phrase basically says, We‘re going to honor their sacrifice by sacrificing more of them?”

Keith Olbermann


4 thoughts on “How Does It Honor the Dead to Sacrifice More Young Lives for an Unworthy Cause?”

  1. Keith Olbermann is one of the few mainstream journalists to tell it like it is. Perhaps it is because he originally was a sports reporter.

  2. After being notified that Japan’s emissaries were a few minutes late in declaring war against the United States and the attack on Pearl Harbor had already begun, the commanding General of the Imperial Japanese Forces was quoted as saying, “This disgrace means we have lost the war before it has begun.” Honor meant that much. For the want of a few minutes. That the attack occurred before a formal declaration of war was put forth, the commanding General knew Japan’s honor and therefore the war were doomed.
    Iraq is not only dishonorable, it’s a travesty against all humanity. A crime so horrendous as to be arguably the biggest blunder committed by any nation state in history. And like all things built on deceit doomed to fail.
    To argue that more killing is needed to justify past killings has to bring this full circle.
    My only hope is that I live long enough to see those that produced this disaster receive what’s coming to them.

  3. From the outset of this very dishonest administration, Mr. Bush’s handlers have adeptly used meaningful words as a substitute for meaningful insight. This is a mere example of what they say; is not what they understand.

  4. It looks like that in Crawford, Texas and in the White House, Osama has been forgotten.

    Prior to our invasion and occupation of Iraq,
    Iraq was a secular nation.

    Now is looks like the noble cause for which so many of our soldiers have sacrificed their lives–is to establish Iraq as a theocracy
    based on Islamic fundamentalism.

    Reading the Iraq constitution finds this direct quote: “No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam.”

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