Ohio Dems Consider Impeachment for Disgraced GOP Gov. Taft

Silly Democrats!! The governor just took a few illegal contributions. It’s not like he did something really egregious like lying about sex:

Ohio’s House Democrats are considering impeachment proceedings against Republican Gov. Bob Taft, who pleaded no contest last week to four ethics violations…

An article of impeachment would have to be approved by a majority of the 99-member House, something the Democrats — who hold 39 seats — couldn’t achieve without the votes of at least 11 Republicans. If passed, an impeachment trial would be held in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Senate President Bill Harris said Sunday that talk of impeachment is unwarranted.

“Unless some other types of charges develop, I don’t think there will be an attempt to impeach the governor,” said Harris, a Republican. “I think he’ll continue to do his best and continue to work hard.”

NB to Gov. Taft: Better avoid sexual activity until your term is over. Remember – the leaders of your party are watching you!!


One thought on “Ohio Dems Consider Impeachment for Disgraced GOP Gov. Taft”

  1. I beleave gov Taft sould be impeached can hetell us where our money went for bwc I think that in its self sould be morethan enough.dont you??I cant tell you what I realy think of him I am nota smart man but I do know when I beleave we are getting riped off thank youlets get-er done

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