Shameful New Stance from ‘Dr.’ Frist

Associated Press:

Echoing similar comments from
President Bush, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said “intelligent design” should be taught in public schools alongside evolution.

Frist, R-Tenn., spoke to a Rotary Club meeting Friday and told reporters afterward that students need to be exposed to different ideas, including intelligent design.

“I think today a pluralistic society should have access to a broad range of fact, of science, including faith,” Frist said.

Frist, a doctor who graduated from Harvard Medical School, said exposing children to both evolution and intelligent design “doesn’t force any particular theory on anyone. I think in a pluralistic society that is the fairest way to go about education and training people for the future.”


2 thoughts on “Shameful New Stance from ‘Dr.’ Frist”

  1. I’m telling, Dear Dr. Frist has to patch things up with doofas because of his embryonic cell killing rampage. He ought to know better. Katherine Harriss is still on the outs with doofas even after stealing his first installment for him. Once you get on his bad side there is no going back.

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