Nightmare Scenario for Florida: Sen. Jeb

Florida Republicans fall into two camps: 1) Anybody But Katherine Harris, and 2) Jeez, O.K., Katherine Harris.

The Sarasota Herald Tribune said MSNBC talk show host Joe Scarborough, recruited by Elizabeth Dole, is:

…the latest on a growing list of candidates who have been asked to run instead of Harris. Retired Gen. Tommy Franks, Florida Senate President Tom Lee, Sarasota businessman Vern Buchanan, Florida House Speaker Allan Bense and Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher are among those on the list.

Harris — whose political baggage most famously includes throwing the 2000 presidential election to Bush — has been euphemistically called, “too polarizing” by GOP leaders. What they don’t say is that her history of shady finances and her well-known zippy side — including accusing the press of doctoring her image to make it appear she wore heavier makeup and inviting Kabbalah mystics to try to cure citrus canker — don’t exactly qualify her as “carry-on” either.

But the scariest prospect is the one being bandied about the Sunshine State now. Harris herself has let it be known that the only person for whom she would step aside is the one, the only (please, Jesus), the King of Snide himself, Jeb Bush.

With only 17 months until Florida is free of him, the horrifying idea that Jeb could be our next senator is painfully easy to imagine. Like his brother, despite piss-poor management and a record of failure at every turn, Jeb remains popular. He talks the talk, in perfect English (something his brother can only envy), Spanish/Cuban/Puerto Rican, and most Caribbean Creole tongues as well. People say he has charisma (although I haven�t noticed). In short, he could go the Ted Kennedy route standing on his head.

Scarborough is saying he “leans against” running. Harris has said only Jeb could end her candidacy. Republicans continue to hope for a miracle. The rest of us can only pray that Harris stays in, and that a record of fair, decent, energetic, honest public service is enough to win re-election for the slow-talking and sedate Bill Nelson. If not, Washington is about to learn a whole new definition of the word, “nasty.”


One thought on “Nightmare Scenario for Florida: Sen. Jeb”

  1. “Harris – whose political baggage most famously includes throwing the 2000 presidential election to Bush – has been euphemistically called, “too polarizing” by GOP leaders”

    I found that amusing. Her political baggage includes democrats demonizing her for following Florida statute, not surprising democrats would criticize efforts to follow the law. Her position, upheld in our nations highest court, was as follows: “You have seven days to do as many recounts as you want, as per the law”. It’s not as if whether or not to follow the law is a decision you should need recuse yourself from. Get a grip, liberals! I, for one, am glad she decided to follow the law, but am dismayed when people suggest she should not have! The whole idea of more recounts (there had already been several) is ridiculous. I find the idea that someone look at my ballot to determine my vote horrifying, especially some lout in Broward or Dade! I would be embarrassed that someone needed to do so in the first place. Have to give the democrats props for raiding the nursing homes to find every invalid who forgot who he voted for to come out and bleat his ineptitude publicly!

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