THE TICKER – Underwear shortage :: Scarborough for Senate? :: Roberts’ missing files

  • Europe runs out of Chinese underwear: EU limits on imports from China have left truckloads of bras, sweatshirts and trousers stuck in British ports and warehouses. The quota measures were enforced by the World Trade Organisation to stop cheap Chinese textiles flooding into the EU after trade barriers were lifted in January.Under the quota rules, only 70 million items of underwear are allowed into Europe between June and December.
  • Florida Gops want Scarborough to run for Senate: A couple of Republican movers/shakers are trying to convince talk show host Joe Scarborough to run for the US Senate against Katherine Harris. Scarborough declined to comment late Tuesday. Scarborough served in the House of Representatives before hosting “Scarborough Country” on bottom-rated MSNBC.
  • Investigation into missing Roberts’ file begins : Documents on affirmative action written by Supreme Court nominee John Roberts have gone missing from the Reagan Library, and the National Archives has started a formal investigation. Senate Democrats note that records show the files were reviewed by Bush goons before they disappeared.

One thought on “THE TICKER – Underwear shortage :: Scarborough for Senate? :: Roberts’ missing files”

  1. Scarborough running for the senate? Doubtful as that would bring questions regarding the death, under questionable circumstances, of a young woman in his local office. In Pensacola if memory serves. He quit politics shortly afterwards.

    I suspect he would want to leave sleeping dogs alone.

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