Human Cadaver Museum Exhibit – Amazingly – Draws Debate

File this under “Too Bizarre to Pass Up.”

Florida’s attorney general Charlie Crist – one of several Republicans trying to succeed Jeb as governor next year – is being asked to stop a museum exhibition…of human cadavers.

Southwest Florida St. Petersburg Times:

The Tampa Museum of Science and Industry wants to host “Bodies, the Exhibition,” featuring 20 preserved, posed cadavers and an additional 260 organs and parts that’ll give people an inside view to human workings.

Premier Exhibitions of Atlanta owns the exhibit and obtained the bodies from China’s Dalian Medical University of Plastination Laboratories, which took in unclaimed and unidentified bodies.

The bodies, according to the company, are from years ago, obtained legally, and where possible, with family members’ permission. Besides, it’s not like anyone’s trying to use the bodies to make a fast buck or something.

The company has more than a decade of experience with museum exhibitions, notably with artifacts from the Titanic. “We’re not a company that came in last week to pick up a quick dollar on bodies that are exhibited,” Geller said…

According to SEC records, the company this week notified shareholders it intends to authorize the sale of up to 10-million additional shares, raising the maximum number of shares from 30-million to 40-million. Each share cost $1.76 Thursday.

The money will be used for “operating costs” and so forth. The show is set to open Aug. 20, so Crist needs to hurry up and decide what to do about it. I bet if he could pick a dream election issue, this wouldn’t be it.


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  1. Anyone follow this story since it was posted ? I hope so! What an amazing journey I’ve taken since discovering this exhibit and then the company. The work continues to astound people and they are opening another Bodies show in NYC just before Thanksgiving. I’m also a very happy camper because the PXHB stock of this company has doubled since I posted about it with no end in sight. These shows are huge and NYC is a blockbuster about to happen with earnings going through the roof. Somebody get happy with me and go see the shows and maybe get wealthy too. For real, it’s all public domain knowledge. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself was invest in this. Anyway, the show rolls on in Tampa and people love it so much and it is changing lives every day. Makes me proud to be a part of this. Love & Kisses, Maria

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