Das Guber Has a Shoe Fetish – Maria Calls Him ‘Imelda’


We already know Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger loves his cowboy boots, but we didn’t know his wife Maria Shriver calls him “Imelda” after former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos, who famously owned 3,000 pairs of shoes. According to the UK newspaper The Times, Arnie also has armed security that guard his gold-plated cowboy boots at the Sacramento Hyatt Regency hotel. The Governator doesn’t mess around when it comes to his s*!#kickers!


One thought on “Das Guber Has a Shoe Fetish – Maria Calls Him ‘Imelda’”

  1. “Das Boots,” that’s what it’s called Guv’na Ah-nie wants to show he’s a real foot soldier when it comes to kicking ass. It takes a lot of sole to become a fetishist. Remember the publicist Chuck Jones who used to sniff Marla Maples’ shoes? Well, this time, Ah-nie is the sniffer (not to be confused with the Gipper who used to be in Ah-nold’s position). He snorts his leather before each grope of a state employee; and being called “Imelda” by the turncoat Maria, is indication that Ah-nie may have some femininity in his macho physique. Is he truly a “girlie man” after all, or should we call him simply, Wuss in Boots?
    Ain’t that a kick?

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