A College Republican Leader Shows Why He’s Too Busy to Fight in Iraq

When asked why he didn’t volunteer to fight in the Iraq, which President Bush describes as “the central front in the War on Terror,” one young Republican said he felt compelled to stay stateside and fight in the “war of ideas.” We’re pretty sure Paul Gourley, treasurer of the national College Republicans organization, had signed onto that argument before the events depicted in the photos above.

But if you’re reading this, Mr. Gourley, when the dawn breaks – and it will, my friend, it will – and you’re looking for a way to expiate your sins, we’d like to refer you to Operation Yellow Elephant, where there is a place for you on the next plane out to Sadr City.

Photos: Truth Caucus


4 thoughts on “A College Republican Leader Shows Why He’s Too Busy to Fight in Iraq”

  1. Perfect! I’ve been working on an idea that was only missing a spokesmodel and now I have that.

    See, I’m worried about the All Volunteer military not getting enough volunteers. The draft is not the answer but I think we should have a program for voting people in!

    We could do it by petition. And I think Gourley would be the perfect poster boy for the campaign. Think how many problems we could solve this idea!

  2. Guy looks like a young Rush Limbaugh,floundering in a glut of alcoholic excess and soft sweaty privilege.Leave it to the poor to fight your war Butterball.You just relax.Enjoy yourself.

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