Dr. Dean: GOP to Make Immigrants Scapegoats in ’06

Because it worked so well for Gov. Wilson and the California GOP (remember them?) when they successfully passed Proposition 187, the anti-immigrant measure, in 1994…

Associated Press:

The Democratic Party chairman, Howard Dean, argued on Friday that Republicans would try to make immigrants the “scapegoats” in the next election.

At a rally here a few miles from the Mexico border, Mr. Dean garnered the loudest applause when he said Republicans would make immigration a pivotal issue in coming elections, as they did same-sex marriage and affirmative action in previous elections.

“Do you know who the scapegoats are going to be? Immigrants,” he said. “In Colorado, the chairman of the Republican Party endorsed Tom Tancredo for re-election. That is morally reprehensible. The governor of California, a supposed moderate Republican, invited the Minutemen to visit California. We do not need vigilante justice.”

…Mr. Dean also criticized President Bush, contending that he rebuffed President Vicente Fox of Mexico because of divisions over the Iraq war.


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