THE TICKER – Rove underlings testify :: Villaraigosa spent $5.2 mil on LA mayor’s race :: Global warming spawns bigger hurricanes

  • Rove underlings testify: ABC is trying an experiment called “journalism.” In this bold new venture they have staked out the court house where the Bush CIA Leak grand jury is meeting. They happened to catch two of Karl Rove’s flying monkeys – Susan Ralston and Israel Hernandez – going in to testify. What’s next – interviewing people?
  • Villaraigosa spent $5.2 mil on LA mayor’s race: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spent $5.2 million – twice as much as former mayor Jim Hahn in the runoff campaign in May.
  • Global warming spawns bigger hurricanes: Scientists consider hurricanes to be the canaries in the mines warning us about global warning. Now top researchers report that these storms are nearly twice as powerful as they were 30 years ago.

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