THE TICKER – Bolton booed at UN :: Bush has confidence in treason suspect :: No Justice Sunday for Frist

  • Bolton booed at UN: Bush’s new UN ambassador John Bolton received a less than welcoming reception when he arrived for work yesterday. Crooks & Liars has the video.
  • Bush has confidence in treason suspect: President Bush says he has confidence in Karl Rove, even though Karl is under suspicion for giving away state secrets during war time. More proof that Republicans only take sex scandals seriously.
  • No Justice Sunday for Frist: Sen. Dr. Frist (R-Pandering) has been disinvited from addressing the Konservative Kristian Konclave “Justice Sunday” on August 11. Frist spoke at the premiere event last month but is in a bad odor with the Talibanis because he changed his position on stem cell research in order to appear more “moderate.” (And a little less ridiculous at the medical conventions?)

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