Bill Nelson’s Democratic Voting Record Exposed After Appearance with Sen. Obama

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D) is taking heat from Republicans for being – dare I say it? – a Democrat.

AP is reporting that the Hypocrisy Party is hitting hard and early at Nelson, against whom they will run Paragon of Virtue Katherine Harris if they must, but preferably anyone, and we mean ANYONE, else.

Nelson said he has been expecting low blows…

But even Nelson was caught off guard when told a Republican group was questioning whether he would be easy on sexual predators because he appeared with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in historically black Eatonville.

After the appearance, the National Republican Senatorial Committee posted items on its Web site asking “Nelson Campaigns With Obama – Does He Agree With Obama’s Record Of Lenience On Sexual Predators?” and “Does Nelson Agree With Obama’s Refusal To Support Commonsense Measures To Keep Children Safe?” The site then listed votes Obama made as a state senator on issues such as sex offenders, pornography and adult businesses near schools.

Eatonville, for those of you not from around here, is near Orlando, and is famous as the hometown of author Zora Neale Hurston.

Republicans used Nelson’s record to show he is an aberration in the Senate, what with being a Democrat and all.

[A Republican strategist] says Nelson voted against the president’s tax cuts, opposed abortion restrictions such as parental notification and a late-term procedure foes call “partial-birth abortion” and was against limiting civil lawsuit awards.

Uh, yes. You got us there. It indeed appears that Nelson is not a Republican. For his part, Nelson is aware that this race will be dirty and not necessarily reality-based.

Florida voters “are looking for somebody that they perceive in the mainstream. That’s where Florida is politically. And so naturally your political enemies paint you as someone that is not in the political mainstream,” Nelson said.


One thought on “Bill Nelson’s Democratic Voting Record Exposed After Appearance with Sen. Obama”

  1. Yep, we gotta watch that Bill Nelson. What do these assclowns expect? Can’t they see that little (D) after his name? Actually I believe it is the radical republicans who are out of the mainstream. Bill Nelson is very moderate and definitely a Democrat.

    Lets hope the Republicans do run Katherine Harris. Her base is very small and only from her locale. Most of us here in Florida think she is a dirtbag and responsible for many of the problems we had when she was not only the Secretary of Elections, but also the chairman of GWBush’s Florida campaign. Bill will kick her ass in an honest election, if such a thing is possible anymore.

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