Democrats’ Radio Address on CIA Leak Is Scathing – And Delivered by a Republican Ex-Agent


Democrats slammed President Bush’s response to a top aide’s role in outing a covert CIA operative on Saturday, turning their radio address over to an ex-agent critical of his actions.

Larry Johnson, a former CIA agent and registered Republican, accused Bush of flip-flopping on his promise to fire anyone at the White House implicated in the leak…

Johnson was one of a handful of former intelligence agents who testified at a Democratic-sponsored hearing on the leak on Friday. He said he knew Plame from a training program…

“We must put to bed the lie that she was not undercover,” Johnson said in response to some Republican efforts to minimize her role at the CIA. “For starters, if she had not been undercover then the CIA would not have referred the matter to the Justice Department.”

“We deserve people who work in the White House who are committed to protecting classified information, telling the truth to the American people, and living by example to the idea that a country at war with Islamic extremists cannot focus its efforts on attacking other American citizens who simply tried to tell the truth,” Johnson said.


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